UTurn: Charge Cable with the Built in Bend!

Experience the possibilities

Cables weren’t meant to break. But cheaply made cables do! With UTurn, we put the bend in the cable so that “break point” will no longer exist.

Amazing Quality

Stop sacrificing cables and get UTurn.

Won’t break the bank

UTurn is an affordable solution that won’t empty your wallet. You’ll never have to buy another cable again.

They say “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, well… I can definitely say that this invention was the “Father of all necessity!”

My kids… 19 and 16… have iPhones, and I am constantly buying charge cords.

What were they doing to break SO many cables?

I walked into my daughter’s room looking for my cable and saw she was sitting in bed, using her phone while it was charging, and she had the cable wrapped up behind the phone…bending it right at the connector. I went to my son’s room and he was lying in bed, the bed dragged halfway across the room so he could reach an outlet, and watching a video on his phone with the cord wrapped up behind the phone…bending it at the connector!

Quality Assured